These Portable Bunkbeds Are Perfect For Sleepovers, Camping Or Traveling

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If you’re looking for a cool solution for sleepovers or to use when camping or traveling, check out these portable bunk beds.

I came across this as I was searching for camping ideas for kids, and they jumped out with their rave reviews. These beds have received just under 200 reviews on Amazon and have an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It’s a pretty cool concept. The modular beds can be used as separate cots or stacked together to make bunk beds. And they hold up to 200 pounds, so adults can even take advantage.


The Kid-O-Bunk, as it’s called, can also be converted into a little couch.


The beds are ultra-portable and fit into an included traveling case, so you don’t have to worry about ordering a cot or bringing an air mattress and pump on your next vacation.

The beds even have nifty pockets on the side for storing books, tissues or other items your kids may need nearby while they sleep.


The beds come in lime green, navy, teal and red, and you can find the Kid-O-Bunk on Amazon for $299.

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Rooftop Tent Sits On Top Of Your Car

If you would love to spend more time camping but don’t because of all the prep-work required, listen up because one aspect of sleeping in the great outdoors just got much easier.

iKamper’s rooftop tent comes with a king-size mattress, fits up to four people and can be assembled in under a minute, making camping trips easier and comfier than ever.

Skycamp is a hard-shell rooftop tent that first saw massive success on Kickstarter, where it raised over $2.3 million from backers.

The waterproof tent can also be decked out with an annex room (letting you expand your tent down to the floor and providing a full second room), awning, storage shelf, shoe rack and other accessories, making it easy to carry a full home with you on your road trip without needing to drag along a trailer.

With its ability to fit up to four people (two adults and two children), iKamper claims it’s the largest rooftop tent in the world, yet the whole thing weighs only 150 pounds.

The tent can be used in all weather, and sleeping bags, blankets and pillows can all be left inside the Skycamp while it’s closed. With its weight of 150 pounds, two people are likely needed in order to lift the tent onto a car — but once it’s up there, it can be assembled singlehandedly in a simple matter of seconds.

The Skycamp starts at $3,199 on the iKamper website. After that, pack your bags and prepare for adventure.

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