This portable pick-up pool is the coolest thing to happen to pick-ups in a long time

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Apparently “redneck swimming pools”—aka filling up various receptacles with water and calling it a pool—are a thing enjoyed during the summertime (there’s even a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them). Considering I grew up in the south, I’m not quite sure how I missed this, but nevertheless, if you’ve ever sat in the bed of a truck filled with water—prepare for your on-the-go watering hole to be taken to the next level.

There’s now a product that makes creating a pool in the bed of a truck super easy, so whether you’re new to this pastime or you’re just looking to upgrade, this is the tool for you.

Pick-up Pools

The company responsible for taking your summertime fun to the next level is simply called Pick-up Pools. They sell two different sizes of elastic liners that conform to the shape of your truck bed. To find out exactly which size you need, measure from bulkhead to tailgate. If your bed measures 64-70 inches, that calls for a “Short Box” and 74-80 calls for a “Standard Box” size.

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Unfortunately, both are sold out on the company’s website for the time-being. According to Country Living, the first batch of 100 products sold out very quickly. But, not to worry, more are on the way to be used at your summertime camping trips, BBQs and more.

GadgetFlow gives the product a five-star review, but according to Equipment World, creating these pick-up swimming holes can actually sometimes have damaging effects on your vehicle. Before diving into these pools this summer, you’ve got to consider your truck’s maximum payload capacity.

DualLiner created an infographic that breaks down maximum payload capacity for a few different makes and models, so definitely check out where your vehicle falls on this spectrum because water’s actually more heavy than you’d think (and that’s without the addition of people).


If you’re careful, this could be the end to your summertime pool woes. Keep checking back on the Pick-up Pools website and on Amazon Prime this summer. According to Country Living, you can expect to find these liners in stock at both places.

And until that happens, there’s always this adorable inflatable pick-up pool on Amazon (provided it comes at a hefty $125 price point):

It may not be quite as cool as the pool liner, but it’s certainly a good second choice.