This Poster Showing the Instruments Played in Every Single Beatles Song Is the Ultimate Fan Gift

It may be nearly 50 years since The Beatles last released an album, but the band still has no shortage of fans. The four lads from Liverpool continue to be the best-selling musicians of all time. They have not only retained fans over all these years, but they continue to gain new ones as people introduce younger generations to the Fab Four’s music.

Of course, this means that memorabilia is passed down, but new merchandise also continues to be produced. You can even find Beatles clothing for the whole family at Target!

Beatles photo
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But if you’re the kind of Beatles fan who truly worships them and knows every word to every song — and maybe even every instrument used — this poster from Pop Chart Lab is a brilliant way to put your fandom on display.

The poster, appropriately named “Come Together,” breaks down each instrument played in every Beatles song — that’s right, every song, from 1963’s “I Saw Her Standing There” to 1970’s “Get Back.”

Pop Chart Lab

You’ll find five colors on the poster (one for each member of the band and one for non-band members) and icons that represent each instrument played. The result is a vibrantly colorful piece of home decor that is sure to be a conversation piece.

Here’s what it looks like displayed at home:

Pop Chart Lab

The poster is pretty big, measuring 24″ x 36″, so not only was this not an easy process for those who created it, but it will keep you entertained for a long time before you can memorize it all — if you ever can!


For $37, I’d say it’s totally worth purchasing, even just to impress your friends by pretending you can “totally just tell” it’s John playing the tambourine on “I Want to Tell You.”