The Most Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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When you consider all the hard work and sacrifices she has made, you know your mom deserves your recognition, appreciation and love on Mother’s Day. If she is like most mothers, she scoffs at the idea of you spending money on unnecessary items. She may tell you that a card or even just a hug from you is enough for her, but you cannot let the holiday pass without a special gift.

Problem solved. Instead of flowers that will only die or a tchotchke that she has to find a place for, give her something useful. Don’t worry; there are loads of practical Mother’s Day gifts she will love. From cute to stylish to innovative tech items, check out these sensible gifts any mom will appreciate (with something for every budget!).

1. Start Her Day with a Smile

Moms have a ton to do every single day and many rely on a strong cup of Joe (or three) for the boost they need to get going. A cute coffee mug along with some gourmet grounds or specialty syrup will remind her every morning how special she is to you.


2. Give Her a Hand in the Kitchen

Whether she relies on a collection of traditional cookbooks or she turns to her trusty tablet when she wants to try a new recipe, any mom can make use of a kitchen stand that will hold either option at eye level.


3. Keep Her Stuff Handy

She’s the Queen of Multitasking, but when she is pulled in so many different directions, she might forget where she set something now and then. Give her a holder where she can always find her cell phone, glasses and other go-to items.


4. Provide an Assistant

If anybody deserves a sidekick to turn things off and on, check the weather or wake up the family, it’s Mom. Give her a home assistant such as Echo Dot, which provides hands-free help throughout the home.


5. Keep Her Hydrated

As she rushes around each day meeting everyone else’s needs, make sure your mother has something cold—or hot—to drink. Give her a gorgeous, insulated, BPA-free bottle that is so pretty she will be happy to carry it with her throughout her hectic day.


6. Keep Her Schedule Handy

Soccer games, business meetings and the occasional lunch with friends; moms have so many appointments to remember. A bullet journal with a fun or elegant design will let her maintain her busy schedule with flair.


7. Protect Her Tootsies

Into each life some rain must fall, so keep your mother’s feet warm and dry with some fashionable yet protective footwear. Rain boots come in virtually every design imaginable, so you are sure to find a pair that is perfect for your mom.


8. Hire a Robot Maid

OK, so it might not be Rosie from “The Jetsons,” but a robotic vacuum cleaner can save your mom from the tedious and time-consuming chore of cleaning the floors. These machines can vacuum, sweep and even mop up those daily messes for her.


9. Screen Her Visitors

Protect your mom from unwanted solicitors and even intruders. A video doorbell that connects with her phone lets her see who is at the door and respond even if she isn’t there.


10. Wrap Her in Warmth

When your mom gives you a hug, you can feel the warmth and love long after she lets go. Make sure she has a warm and fuzzy feeling every time she bathes with an electric towel warmer that also serves as a stylish and practical bathroom accent.



11. Keep Her Charged

Help your mom stave off that dreaded low battery message on her phone. This handy charging wristlet will keep her looking polished while discreetly replenishing her phone battery.

12. Help Her Drop A Line

Moms can never have too many note cards, as there always seems to be a “thank you” to write or a birthday card to send. Get her a fun set of note cards to ensure she always has one on hand.