This Pregnancy Test Ad Is Going Viral For A Really Funny Reason

When looking online or through a magazine, we usually skip over ads for pregnancy tests unless we are trying to conceive. But one particular pregnancy test ad has everyone doing a double take, and because of this, the ad has gone viral—and for quite a funny reason.

The ad by Belgian company Predictor is for an early pregnancy detection kit, but someone definitely wasn’t paying attention when they decided to go with this ad campaign. At first glance, everything seems okay, but then you find yourself scratching your head and saying “Wait a second…” Something is definitely not right.

The reason everyone’s sharing this ad all over the place? The woman’s belly. After a second or two of deliberation, you realize the woman in the photo definitely doesn’t look like she needs a pregnancy test…

The ad’s tag line “When you need to know” sure doesn’t seem like it’s relevant here. Either we’re watching another episode of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” or this woman is really just looking for some reassurance… in her third trimester. Either way, this ad has got the internet in a frenzy discussing this advertising blunder.

Although it’s getting a lot of attention on the internet right now, this ad has actually been around since 2011. It recently resurfaced on Twitter, much to the delight of the Twitterverse. Many offered their own interpretation of the ad, with some explanations a little bit kinder than others.

We can go ahead and give Predictor the benefit of the doubt and assume that some parents just really want that positive affirmation. But even if the ad was a mistake, it sure made us laugh, and we could all use a little positivity in our day, even if it comes from the result of a viral ad gone wrong.