How pregnancy with baby no. 2 is different from my first


Soon after I found out I was expecting our second child, I pulled out the baby books and updated my baby due date calculator.

But when I started browsing the pregnancy blogs and week-by-week advice, I realized that 75 percent of them were targeted at first-time moms. That got me thinking about what else is different about my pregnancy experience this second-time around.

1. You Find Yourself Forgetting You’re Pregnant

Let’s hear it for all you mothers who persevered through months of morning sickness. I know how lucky I am that—for whatever reason—my nausea levels remained relatively low with both my pregnancies. (I did not however escape several rounds of nasty colds this pregnancy, thanks in part to my toddler bringing home daycare germs and my weakened immune system).

But basically up until my third trimester, I was too busy keeping up with my toddler, with work and with life to reflect as much on the fact that I was pregnant. I still marveled at my growing belly and baby’s increasingly strong movements. But I didn’t have as much time or energy to browse pregnancy blogs, watch cute baby documentaries or take bump photos.

2. Speaking of Bump Photos, Your Bump Is Bigger

Some moms bounce back to their pre-baby bodies. Or maybe you’re more a mom like me with stomach muscles that didn’t want to cooperate. So my “pre-stretched” belly began showing my pregnancy earlier the second time around.


3. You Have to Check Your Pregnancy App to Remember How Far Along You Are

Sometimes when asked “How far along are you?” I would stare blankly at the questioner, and then pause as I did the mental math to remember exactly what week I was. (And sometimes I’d check my pregnancy app to make sure I was right). Chalk it up to baby brain or plain “too much on the brain” syndrome.

4. You’re Not Sure If You’re Tired Because You’re Pregnant or Because You’re Chasing After Your First Child

I definitely felt extra tiredness kick in during my first trimester with Baby 2, but I wasn’t sure if that was because of typical pregnancy fatigue or because I’d just spent the day at work bookended by time with an overly energetic toddler. Most likely both.


5. A Lot of Those Pregnancy Checklists Don’t Apply

Those “Do X this month of pregnancy” lists aren’t as helpful the second time around, are they? “Find a pediatrician.” Already got one. “Figure out insurance coverage for a breast pump.” Ditto. “Plan baby’s nursery.” He or she is getting my toddler’s old decor.

Plus nobody threw me a baby shower or even a sprinkle for Baby 2, so there wasn’t a need to come up with a baby registry. I’d already agonized over the perfect baby carrier and the best value crib with my first.

6. You Lighten Up a Bit

I didn’t stress over details this pregnancy as I did with my first.

For example, I ate foods that were borderline questionable (depending on which pregnancy medical advice site you’re googling). That soft cheese that is clearly pasteurized and produced in the U.S.? Ate it.

And I didn’t worry about whether I should purchase a cute hospital nightgown or hospital socks because I knew my hospital’s pea green gown and gray plastic-tread socks would do just fine (and I’d get to leave them for the hospital laundry, not my own).

7. You’re Still So Excited to Meet Your Little One

My excitement at imagining what Baby 2 would be like? That didn’t change. Though mixed with worry over how my husband and I would juggle two kids, the anticipation over meeting our second little one was just as great.

What did you find different with pregnancy number two?

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