Prevent Your Avocados From Going Bad With This Nifty Storage Container

Avocados are having a moment right now, so you, like many others, may be stocking up on the fruit to mash onto your toast, add to your sandwich or top off all your salads. If you’ve tried to store your avocado once you’ve sliced it open only to find that it’s turned an unattractive shade of brown, you may be interested in a special type of storage container that’s supposed to keep your avocado halves from going bad.

Williams-Sonoma is offering an “Avocado Storage Container” that, according to the website, “extends the life of cut avocados by greatly reducing oxidation.” The avocado half fits snugly into a pre-fitted box, and it supposedly protects the fruit from the brown-causing air.

A PopSugar poll asked readers if they’d shell out for this “unitasker.” The current tally? 68 percent said “yes,” 32 percent said “no.”

This may sound like the best thing in the world for avocado-lovers — or maybe it’s totally unnecessary — but either way, this kitchen gadget is only $7.95, so it might be worth a shot.