How To Prevent Rodents From Feasting On Your Car—Because Apparently This Is A Legitimate Concern

Who knew that furry little mammals were such bad news for vehicles?

A Reddit user almost got hit by his mother’s car because the brakes weren’t working.

When they popped open the hood, they found a pair of eyes (and some big buck teeth) staring back at them. As it turns out, a furry marmot had chewed through the car’s brake lines.

That story, posted two years ago on the popular internet forum, launched an entire thread about the damage rodents can do to cars.

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Experts say it’s not uncommon for four-legged troublemakers to chew on wiring, hoses and other car parts. They can do some serious damage, too.

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As car companies try to please customers by making their vehicles more environmentally friendly, they may also inadvertently be luring rodents under the hood of your car.