‘The Price is Right’ contestant breaks Plinko record and his reaction is priceless

There are plenty of exciting moments on the classic game show “The Price Is Right,” which airs weekly on CBS, but one contestant who broke the Plinko record, went completely bonkers during last Thursday’s episode—and we can’t get enough of his ecstatic reaction.

Ryan Belz broke the show’s record, winning the largest sum of any contestant ever to participate in the Plinko challenge.

His $1 bid earned him the chance to drop five chips down the Plinko board. And wow, did he have some luck! The first chip is dropped down the board earned him an astonishing $10,000. But it gets better. The second chip he dropped added another $1,000. His third chip again landed in the $10,000 slot! His fourth chip landed him an additional $500 and if that wasn’t enough, his fifth and final chip landed right smack in the middle of the $10,000 slot. Again!

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And as the amount of money Belz was winning continued to rise, so did his excitement. By the end of the Plinko challenge, the audience started to chant “Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!” and the lucky contestant appeared as if he was having trouble catching his breath. He gave out hugs, staggered around in excitement, shook a few hands and continued to shuffle around in disbelief.

Now a “The Price Is Right” legend, 23 year-old Belz told TMZ in an interview that he’s been a long-time fan of the show. He watched it growing up and was such dedicated viewer that he would even schedule his college classes around episodes of the game show.

His love and dedication for watching “The Price Is Right” probably contributed to his excitement of actually getting a chance to appear on the show, because before he even played he made sure to run around the studio audience, giving high fives along the way.

But still, Belz’s estatic reaction after making Plinko history will likely go down in the books as one of the more memorable moments of the game show’s long 45-year history.

And just in case you’re curious what Belz plans to do with the whopping $31,500 earnings, he told TMZ that he is planning on using the money to pay off college loans.


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