You can now get a version of those viral Minnie Mouse heels for $22

Italian fashion label Oscar Tiye won the hearts of Disney lovers when they designed a pair of heels bedazzled with Minnie Mouse ears. The shoes were unbelievably cute, but also quite expensive, ranging from $450 to $700. But now, you can buy a version of the Minnie Mouse heels for a much more reasonable price. Primark, a U.K.-based fast-fashion shop, is selling near-exact replicas of the Minnie Mouse-inspired heels for just $22.

Here are the original pricy pumps from Oscar Tiye.

And here’s the much more affordable pair from Primark, shared on Facebook by Everyone LOVES Disney.

The mouse ears that appear on the back of the Primark shoes are shaped a little more like a bow than the classic circular Minnie Mouse ears, but they’re pretty darn close to the original! The cheaper version of the shoes are limited edition and will be rolling out in the U.S. around early- to mid-November.

Right now, Primark’s offering a black glittery pair of stiletto heels as well as a shimmering gold pair. The Oscar Tiye label had a wide range of colors and even style options, such as block heels and sandals, to choose from. It’s unclear whether Primark will have the same range. We’ll have to wait until November to know for sure!

Here’s a sneak peek, which was shared on Facebook by PlayPennies.

Oscar Tiye’s original version of these heels got quite the response online, but by the looks of it, folks are just as excited about the shoes that are, you know, actually affordable.

Comments on Twitter range from, “adorable” to “Oh wow! I need these in my life.” Because yeah—these are a Disney lover’s delight.

One Twitter user declared that the shoes wouldn’t be suitable to wear while walking around a Disney park. But another shot back: “You watch me!” Now, that’s dedication!

Whether you’re wearing these for an actual day at Disney or just want to feel like a princess for a night, there’s no going wrong with a pair of magical heels. And when they’re so affordable, you won’t even need a fairy godmother to make them appear in your closet!