Why Does Prince George Always Wear Shorts?

Could Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton’s first babe be any cuter?

The Royal Toddler is all kinds of adorable, and he always dresses with panache.

Prince George, aka Prince George of Cambridge, was born July 22, 2013, which makes him four years old today — wow, time sure flies!

As TODAY pointed out, there is something curious about the wee one’s fashion choices…

Can you see what it is?


Hmm… any ideas?


Yes, that’s right! This little guy is always in shorts… or short trousers, as they call them in the U.K. That is how he has dressed since birth, and he will likely continue to do so for many years.


Why is this? Simple: British tradition. (And who, after all, cares more about tradition than the British!?)

It was customary for aristocratic baby boys to wear long gowns during their early years, and to then switch to short pants around age 2-3.

Boys begin wearing long trousers when they are 8 years old.


Although Prince George never donned a long gown (as far as we know!) it appears that Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are sticking to aristocratic tradition by dressing Prince George in shorts.

Many well-to-do families are following suit, as there is an elitist attitude toward baby boys in long pants — it is seen as quite suburban and “bourgeois”!


However, Duchess Kate isn’t afraid to dress Prince George in affordable clothing. (And with good reason! Even a Royal Prince spills his juice and has diaper blowouts… eek!)

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Trendy ‘Royal’ Shorts For Your Son’s Closet

Here are a few inexpensive options if you want to become part of this royal trend:

Here is a pair of shorts from Carter’s that are begging to be worn on a yacht (or at least a playdate at the park):


Or what about these linen shorts from H & M? Perfect for a spot of tea—or a spot of Goldfish crackers and apple juice!

H & M

And what about these adorable lounge shorts? Even Prince George can’t compete with this level of cuteness!

Kira Kids

Tell us: What do you think about the aristocratic trend of baby boys in short trousers? Posh or passe? Personally, we love it!

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