Prince George loves to play with this surprisingly ordinary toy

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It’s safe to assume to Prince George gets the best of everything. After all, he is a (tiny) member of the royal family. However, when it comes to what the little tyke likes to play with, you might be surprised. We’ve heard before about what he’s not allowed to play with  in the house, but now Prince William has revealed that his 4-year-old son can’t get enough of a surprisingly common toy: Legos.

Yep, just like tons of regular kids all around the world, Prince George loves to create things with the classic building bricks. His penchant for the famous toy was revealed when his dad visited The McLaren Production Center on Sept. 12. The production center is the headquarters for McLaren Automotive, a British automaker that manufactures sports and luxury cars.

At the facility, there was a replica of the McLaren 720S sports car made entirely out of Legos. Upon seeing the masterpiece, Prince William remarked, “Wow, my son’s very into Lego, and he’d love this. It’s incredible.”

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We won’t be surprised if this information leads to a sudden uptick in Lego sales. This is not the first time that the young prince has been a trendsetter. In 2015, the royal family took a sweet snap for their Christmas card. In the photo, a red toy train could be seen on the ground near Prince George. Soon after, the independent, family-run store that makes the toy was overwhelmed with orders for the train.

“It’s affected the profile of our company hugely,” Clare Hurlock, office manager of the Cheltenham-based toy brand, told People. “We were really pleased—it was a very good end to the year for us and definitely something worth celebrating!”

People also went crazy for the adorable blue sweater the then-2-year-old was sporting in the photo.

“People from all over the world called us asking for the jumper, so we had to make more!” Ana Perez, creative director of luxury Spanish clothing brand Fina Ejerique, told People. “We have made an extra 350 and we’ve sent them to 50 stores.”

We can’t wait to see which trend the little prince will influence next!

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