Prince George Turns 3 And Celebrates With A Series Of Adorable Photographs

My, oh my how the time flies! Prince George is turning 3 today, and to celebrate his birthday, the royal palace has released a series of photographs. I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t think of a better way to ring in his third year than to stare at him and the family dog.

Clearly, great minds think alike because this is exactly the kind of thing his parents had in mind to commemorate the big day, too.

According to USA Today, the photos were taken at the family’s country home earlier this month. They feature the prince and their dog, Lupo.

One picture shows Prince George standing on a wooden swing, which has his parents’ names carved into it, and the image it couldn’t be more precious. They definitely thought of everything for these photos of their little boy, right down to the fine details. Because royal or not, they’re just gushing parents at the end of the day, too.

Now, take a look at his royal cuteness:

It’s hard not to have a huge grin plastered across your face when looking at this.

He couldn’t look more adorable in his little striped tee.

Too sweet.

And that whale sweater?! I can barely handle how cute he is.

Go on and have a piece of cake today in honor of Prince George, would you?

[h/t: USA Today]