Prince William Hand-Delivers His Son George’s Christmas List To Santa

It’s good to be a royal kid. This time of year, lots of children are writing up their Christmas wish lists for Santa. Although the practice has evolved since my day when snail mail was your only option — kids can now send their list by email or even by text — most kids don’t have their list hand-delivered to the big guy in person. But that’s because most kids aren’t Prince George.

During a royal visit to Finland, Prince William personally hand-delivered four-year-old George’s list to Santa Claus himself at a traditional festive market in Helsinki. And the young royal’s request was pretty modest: He simply asked for a police car.

The letter began “Dear Father Christmas,” followed by an opportunity to choose whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year. Prince George, of course, circled “nice.”

The list gave spots to request up to five items, but George only named one: a police car. He put it smack dab in the middle, too, so he might be making a point! He also sweetly signed his name at the bottom of the letter:

“I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter,” Prince William reportedly told Santa. “He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably OK.” George’s dad also confirmed that he has, indeed, been a good boy.

It’s not surprising that little George’s one request was a low-tech toy, as it was previously revealed that Prince William and Kate Middleton do not allow their children to play with iPads at home.

What’s more, in September 2017 Prince William noted that LEGOs were amongst his son’s favorite toys.

Since the young heir to the throne has already proven himself to be quite the trendsetter, we’re guessing that sales of toy police cars will skyrocket now!