Your Kids Can Ride In A Cinderella-Style Stroller At Disney World, But It Will Cost You

The princess treatment doesn't come cheap.

Toddlers in strollers are a must at theme parks, but you don’t have to choose your regular old stroller when you’re in the most magical place on Earth. Thanks to Princess Carriage Rentals, your kids can ride in a Cinderella Carriage stroller and feel like a princess for the day.

The cost of renting one of these strollers ins’t cheap, but when does the royal treatment ever come for free? It will cost you a whopping $299 to rent one of these for the day, but you’re not simply getting a stroller for that price. Really, you’re getting a whole lot more than that.

The Princess Carriage Company is out to make this a very special day for your little one. So, when your stroller is delivered, you’ll be greeted with a red carpet leading to a private car set to take you to the theme park.

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Considering you really are getting special treatment, it makes the rental price easier to justify.

The stroller has two bench-style seats, a cup holder, and handles that make the carriage easy to push through Disney World.

According to the rental service’s website, there are only 10 strollers available for rent per day, so it’s best to reserve these in advance.

The story of how this rental service got started is very sweet.

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to be a princess. Her father wanted to make something special for his daughter, so he made her a beautiful carriage to ride in around Disney World. The incredible reaction they received inspired them to spread the magic… to you!”

One family is looking to spread a little magic to your family, and considering this will likely make your kids feel very special, it’s pretty hard to say no to shelling out the nearly $300 it’ll cost to rent one of these, isn’t it?

The company is not affiliated with the Disney brand, so you’ll have to head to the Princess Carriage Rentals website to reserve a stroller.

Of course, there are other stroller rental options, as well. Walt Disney World Prep School breaks down the pros and cons of each one, recommending Magic Strollers as a great choice.

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But, the decision is entirely up to you and your family. Go with the most cost effective or make it a moment to remember. If you choose the latter, definitely keep Princess Carriage company in mind!