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Princess Charlotte Gives The Most Adorable Tiny Curtsy On Royal Family’s European Tour (Video)

This pint-sized princess is too cute!

It was the curtsy heard ’round the world when Princess Charlotte gave a sweet dip of the knees while traveling with her parents on an international goodwill tour.

The 2-year-old royal toddler is breaking the internet with a short, adorable video that shows her curtsying to Polish dignitaries. This pint-sized princess gives a curtsy that would make Queen Elizabeth herself proud.


Maybe Princess Charlotte’s curtsy skills are in her genes, because her mama, the Duchess of Cambridge, also knows how to give good curtsy. Here’s Kate Middleton getting low for Her Majesty The Queen on the occasion of the matriarch’s 90th birthday celebration:

Princess Charlotte and her brother, Prince George, have been wonderfully behaved as they have accompanied their parents around the globe. In Hamburg, Germany, Princess Charlotte gave a sweet tiny handshake to a British diplomat:


Wheras, in Berlin, Prince George was patient with photogs, even after apparently being woken up from a nap:


Aww. Sweet boy!


International travel is always tiresome, but especially when you are just 4-years-old! Kudos to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge for being so hands-on and keeping their kids calm and happy, even amidst all the fanfare.


I can barely keep my kids under control during a Target run, so I am quite impressed! I don’t even see the royal parents bribing their kiddos with Starbucks cake pops (not that I ever do that, of course). Although, during the visit to the Hamburg airpot, it does appear that Princess Charlotte was a bit overwhelmed by the noise of the helicopters. And who can blame her? Must be very loud for little ears!


Luckily, her mama was right there to calm her. And soon the tiny princess and her big brother were all smiles again, as they got to climb aboard and explore the cool helicopter:


What lucky kiddos!


Here it is:

Love that! She bends her knees, keeps her back straight, and gently dips down like an expert.

I just have one question: Do you think the Duchess of Cambridge has a bag of Goldfish hidden in her purse, or is the Royal Family above such sneaky parenting tactics? Either way, here’s wishing them safe travels—and many more adorable curtsies in our future!