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Princess Charlotte Stuck Her Tongue Out For The Cameras At The Royal Wedding

Parents, can you relate to this?

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter may be a princess, but she’s also a 3-year-old. Which means that any and every opportunity to be silly will most definitely be taken.

So her behavior at the royal wedding probably won’t come as a surprise to most parents out there.

When being photographed at the royal wedding, Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue out cheekily and proved that despite her royal status, she’s just an adorable, silly little girl.

Though she was also one of the bridesmaids who accompanied Meghan Markle down the aisle — no big deal.

The moment was funny and precious — and also oddly familiar as her uncle, Prince Harry, used to do the same as a young boy.

Here you can see Princess Charlotte playfully sticking her tongue out:

princess charlotte royal wedding photo
Getty Images | WPA Pool

Now watch Prince Harry give the same pose for the cameras, as shown in this footage The Royal Family Channel included in a report about Prince Harry right before Prince George’s arrival.

Like uncle, like niece.

Of course, Princess Charlotte was also perfectly friendly and polite to the camera people as she waved from the car and the church steps.

Just look at that little smile!

princess charlotte royal wedding photo
Getty Images | WPA Pool

This is the behavior you’d expect from a tiny princess, right?

princess charlotte royal wedding photo
Getty Images | WPA Pool

Of course, she is still a toddler. The pool photographer at the wedding captured some adorably cute pictures of her sneezing on the big day!

charlotte royal wedding photo
Getty Images | WPA Pool

And another where she’s doing something with her leg (parents, you can relate to fidgety kids!).

charlotte royal wedding photo
Getty Images | WPA Pool

She was also quite friendly with photographers when going to the hospital to visit her baby brother, Prince Louis.

The toddler made it a point to turn around to get one last wave in as her father escorted her up the stairs. Too cute!

princess charlotte photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

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Rebellion Runs In The Family

Princess Charlotte’s uncle may be prepared to settle down now, but in his younger years, he was known for partying, and behaving in nontraditional ways for a member of the royal family. Although, so was his mother, who broke royal tradition to touch and hug members of the public.

“What’s really ironic about Princess Diana is that she came from the top echelons of society. Yet she herself was, in many ways, increasingly a social rebel. So for her son to carry on that tradition would no doubt make her exceptionally proud,” royal historian Amanda Foreman told “CBS This Morning.”

So it seems little Charlotte has come by her fun side honestly, further proving just how great it’s going to be to watch her and her brothers grow up!