Princess Charlotte Tells Paparazzi At Prince Louis’s Christening ‘You’re Not Coming’

Consider her the Princess of Personality: Princess Charlotte is only 3 years old, but she’s already starting to show many sides of her demeanor. She’s been everything from silly to sweet — and now, even sassy — to the paparazzi.

Apparently, as Princess Charlotte was leaving her brother’s christening service, she told one of the photographers, “You’re not coming,” referring to the celebration that was to be held after the service. Because, sorry paparazzi, you were not invited to the private tea. That was for friends and family only — just ask Princess Charlotte!

The cute and sassy moment was caught on video by UK news network ITN, according to Insider, and the video has since made the rounds online.

The Newsweek Twitter account posted a video of the Princess’ quippy remark, and if you listen closely, you can hear it around the 11 second mark:

So, there you have it. Her Royal Highness has spoken!

You can see that Prince William can’t help but smile a little at his daughter, and this is definitely a moment other parents can relate to. Kids say the darnedest things, and clearly, that applies to royal children, too.

Princess Charlotte has shown off for the paparazzi on several occasions, so this isn’t a lone incident. Because when the photographers follow your every move, they’re bound to catch you in a variety of moods, especially when you’re only a toddler.

She was silly in front of the cameras at her uncle and Meghan Markle’s wedding and was even photographed sticking her tongue out:

Andrew Milligan/Getty Images

Prince Harry was caught doing the same thing when he was young, as this video from The Royal Family Channel demonstrates:

So it’s possible that this silly streak runs in the family.

But the princess also sweetly waved to cameras at the royal wedding:

Jane Barlow/Getty Images

And hilariously posed for pictures, too:

Princess Charlotte royal wedding photo
Getty Images | WPA Pool

Here are the cutest Princess Charlotte and Prince George moments from the royal wedding:

Oh, the many sides of this cute little girl!

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She may have let her sassy nature out at her brother’s christening, but she’s often very sweet and cheeky when the cameras are out. Look at how she turned around to get one last wave in before going to visit her brother at the hospital just after his birth:

Princess Charlotte hospital photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson


We imagine it’s tricky navigating being a 3-year-old and being in the spotlight, but we have a feeling Princess Charlotte will adjust to her royal duties just fine.

And if she needs to, she knows just how to put the paparazzi in their place. So, photographers, how’s that for royal etiquette?