Princess Diana’s Niece Is Grown Up—And Looks Just Like Her Aunt

You may not know much about Lady Kitty Spencer—and for good reason. The niece of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, spent most of her childhood out of the spotlight.

She was born in London, but grew up in South Africa with her mother and three siblings. Here’s a look into the life she leads.

Lady Kitty is the oldest of four children born to Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, the ninth Earl Spencer, and his first wife. Kitty was just 6 years old when her aunt Diana was killed in a car crash on Aug. 30, 1997.

Now 26, Kitty is all grown up and bears a striking resemblance to Princess Diana.

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Just check out that face shape and jawline, not to mention her blond hair—the similarities are pretty uncanny!

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Kitty caught the media’s attention when she made her first public appearance in 2007 with cousins Prince William and Prince Harry at a memorial service for Diana. Nearly 20 years later, she is all grown up and sharing her life—on Instagram, of course.

Today, Kitty balances charitable and social engagements. From traveling to hanging out with celebrities, her social media life looks quite glamorous.

Her many Instagram-worthy trips have included Italy, France and Greece.

Most recently, she posted multiple photos of a safari trip in Africa.

She even recently attended a performance by Beyoncé, who Kitty says is her “absolute number one.”

She also seems to love spending time with animals (don’t we all?!).

When it comes to many Instagramers’ favorite thing to post—food—Kitty is all about it. Lady Kitty’s mother has battled eating disorders, but she says does not feel the pressure to be an ideal weight.

“There were never any scales in the house and no emphasis on weight at all,” she told The Telegraph. “I’m grateful that Mum protected me from that pointlessness. I don’t think I could ever care about that stuff if I wanted to; it’s too boring.”

Lady Kitty also appears to be quite political, posting memes about the 2016 American election, including one about the Democratic Convention.

It’s not all fun and vacations for Kitty, however. She has a master’s degree in luxury-brand management and, just like Diana, is involved in charity work.

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Kitty serves as an ambassador for Give Us Time, an organization that works to give military families time together by matching them with donated vacations. Lady Kitty also linked on her Instagram account to Centrepoint, a charity that helps homeless 16 to 25 year olds get homes and jobs.

One thing’s for sure—those royal genes sure are gorgeous. And, we’re just a tad jealous of that glamorous royal lifestyle.