Princess pumpkins are the prettiest Halloween trend

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Halloween doesn’t have to be solely about creating scary situations. It’s the time of year to make your wildest imaginations come alive. And if that means dressing up as a princess for Halloween, then so be it! You can take it a step further and incorporate the princess theme into your decor, too.

These princess-inspired pumpkins are the prettiest Halloween trend, so you’re definitely going to want to find out how you can recreate them to display in your very own home.

Luckily, there’s no carving involved. You’ll only need your imagination, some paint and plenty of sparkle to transform a regular old pumpkin into the belle of the ball.

The As The Bunny Hops blog has some ideas for easy-to-make, no-carve princess pumpkins that can be used on real pumpkins (for just one season) or faux pumpkins (to keep displaying year after year).

Once you decide whether or not  you’re using a fresh pumpkin, the only thing left to do will be to get your supplies ready and let your imagination run wild.

The outcome is like a dream come true.

As The Bunny Hops

Have you ever seen a prettier pumpkin?

The internet has no shortage of decorating ideas that aren’t spooky or scary in case you’re looking to make your Halloween more about the fairy tale aspect than the fright.

Check out a few of our favorites!

1. “Beauty and the Beast” Pumpkin

How could you avoid letting a tale as old as time inspire your pumpkin decorating this season? Whether you’re decorating this with your kids or for yourself, there’s no going wrong with this very regal theme, inspired by Belle’s golden gown, of course. A Pumpkin & A Princess blog has all of the details for how to recreate this no-carve pumpkin on your own.

A Pumpkin And A Princess

2. Polka Dot Pumpkin

This extremely simple trick will be quite the treat for your pumpkin. All you’ll need is glue and sequins to give any pumpkin a festive flair this season. The Sugar & Cloth blog walks you through the process step-by-step to make your Halloween decorating process so simple.

Sugar & Cloth

3. Unicorn Pumpkin

What’s more special than a unicorn pumpkin? Absolutely nothing. This will be a fun craft project to complete before Oct. 31 rolls around. The Line Across blog will show you how to bring this incredibly unique Halloween decoration to life.

Line Across

4. Jeweled Pumpkin

A base color and some jewels are all that’s needed to give your pumpkin a major upgrade this season. Her Campus has the list of supplies you’ll need, and with a no-carve pumpkin craft this easy, you’ll be set for Halloween in no time!

Her Campus

5. Gold-Dipped Pumpkin

A gilded pumpkin will be all sorts of fancy on your doorstep this season. Planning on having a dinner party this Halloween? Make enough to use these as centerpieces, too. Joann’s has everything you’ll need to make this project possible.


6. Fancy Pumpkin

If you really want to impress people with your chic pumpkins, you’ll give this version a try. Replace the stem of the pumpkin with a vintage doorknob and voila. You’ve got a non-traditional decoration that will take people’s breath away this season. Find the full tutorial on the Stone Gable website.

Stone Gable

7. “Sleeping Beauty” Pumpkin

Last, but certainly not least is the pumpkin worthy of wearing a crown. The “Sleeping Beauty”-inspired decoration is so beautiful. aAnd if you’re looking for the perfect Halloween craft to create with your kids, this is it. Something this magnificent will be cherished for Halloweens to come! The Farm Girl Gabs blog will walk you though the steps to recreate this magical pumpkin in real life.

The Farm Girl Gabs

Here’s to having the prettiest Halloween decorations on the block this season!

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