This Principal Sings Every Snow Day Announcement

When a snow day is announced, kids are usually pretty delighted. Well, one principal decided to make his snow day announcement extra-special by singing it. Yep, Principal Chad Caddell of Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Kentucky showed off his pipes by belting out lyrics he wrote, sung to the tune of Mariah Carey’s hit song, “Hero.”

“I sat down, and in 10 minutes I wrote the lyrics, and then my wife and I went on our porch, filmed it, and it was ready to go,” Caddell told People. ” Honestly, I grew up a big Mariah fan—it just gives me a flashback to that slow dance in middle school where the girl at the end told you she just wanted to be friends—but the song is slow so it would be easy to put words to.”

What a clever and fun idea! On Jan. 9, the heavy snow meant that school would be canceled for the day. So just before 6 a.m., the video was posted to the school’s Facebook page to let everyone know about their impromptu day off. Check out the hilarious video below:

Pretty funny! Inclement weather has continued to be a problem in the area, which has led Principal Caddell to spoof more hit songs to make his closing announcements. Here he is riffing on “Friends In Low Places,” by Garth Brooks:

And on Jan. 16, perhaps in an effort to cater to the tastes of his students, Caddell covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” to let the school community know that they were in for another snow day:

Caddell told People that his silly songs are just his way of injecting a little fun into the school experience. “We live in a day where all the news is cynical and tragic and discouraging, and I think people are just hungry for something positive, and something to give them some joy,” he said. “School, when I grew up, was boring, sterile and predictable, and I wanted to create a culture where people expect the unexpected. We wanted to create a place where, as teachers, we’re being that adult we needed when we were kids.”