11 Products For People Who Constantly “Misplace” Or Lose Things

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Let’s face it, everyone loses or “misplaces” things now and then. However, there are some people who tend be in a constant state of searching for lost items.  I have a friend who misplaces his keys, wallet, or phone at least once a day.

Thankfully, there are some great products available that can help prevent things from getting lost.  What are you going to do with all that time you’ve saved when you are no longer searching for things throughout the day?

1. A Bluetooth sensor that alerts you when you lose your keys or phone


Tile, Amazon

2. For those who keep losing their lip balm


Thread Wallets Lip Balm Holder, Amazon

3. And if you have to many single socks

Helping Hands, Amazon

4. Reduce the number of lost hairpins with this magnetic holder

HairpinPal, Amazon

5. Never lose that pen again when it looks like this

Marabou Pens, Amazon

6.  Keep your wallet and phone together so you are less likely to lose them both


Arae Case, Amazon

7. Keep that remote control in one spot so can easily find it

Ikea Flort Remote Control Case, Amazon

8. A special Bluetooth tag to track your wallet, phone, and anything else you misplace

TrackR, Amazon

9. Make sure you have your valuables when you leave


Doormat, Amazon

10. One card that stores all your credit, debit and gift cards


CoolWallet S, Amazon

11. A cool case that holds your earbuds so you don’t misplace them as easily

Nest Earbud Case, Amazon