15 Items That Will Help People That Hate To Clean

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If you’re one of those people who find cleaning therapeutic— you’re one of the lucky ones. I don’t personally enjoy the act of cleaning, but I love to have a clean space, and if you have someone in your life who feels the same way, there are a few items that can make cleaning a little less miserable.

Gifting the person who hates to clean with items that will make cleaning quick and easy is the best thing you could ever do. They’re sure to appreciate the gift and get a lot of use out of it.

Check out 15 products that will make messes a little easier to handle.

1. Removable Oven Liner

This non-stick mat helps protect your oven from drips and spills. Hurry and get one before the Holidays to save yourself hours of cleanup after.

Chef’s Planet 23-Inch x 16.25-Inch Nonstick Oven Liner, $20.00

2. Swiffer Duster

A Swiffer duster seems like a simple gift, but it makes dusting a cinch.


24 Count Swiffer Dusters and Handle, $20.71

3. Milsek Furniture Polish

Unlike other cleaning products, the natural oils in Milsek don’t leave behind a silicone build-up, which can actually attract dust faster to your furniture.


Milsek Furniture Polish, $11.50

4. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are great for hiding your clutter. Want a space to look more clean and organized? Throw your stuff into a basket. It’s as easy as that.


Set Of 3 Baskets, $27.20

5. Colander Pot

Save time and dishes by investing in a 2-in-1 pot and strainer.

Bialetti Pasta Pot, $26.24

6. Door Mat

A door mat that keeps dirt at the door will be a greatly appreciated gift.


Clean Machine Doormat, $21.18

7. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Stinky kitty litter is the worst. Make it a breeze with this self-cleaning litter box. What’s nice about this one is it looks like a standard litter box, so it will take cats less time to get used to it than those with a cover.

Litter Maid Self-Cleaning Litter Box, $79.97

8. Shoe Storage

Having a place for your guests to store their shoes will keep them from tracking leaves, dirt and more inside.


Bamboo 2-Tier Shelf, $24.99

9. Coal

If your fridge gets messy like mine does, a deodorizer will greatly help keep the smelliness to a minimum.


Kuro Cube, $25

10. Air Deodorizer

An air deodorizer that looks like a pillow will add decoration and freshness to a room.


Natural Air Freshener, $15.97

11. Crock-Pot

Why not gift someone with an easy-to-clean, all-in-one cooker. It’s great for someone who loves good food but hates the clean up.


Crock-Pot, $44.10

12. Dusting Slippers

Why not be comfortable and cleaning all at the same time? Sounds like the perfect way to tidy up to me.


Slipper Genie, $8.05

13. Washable Refrigerator Liners

These non-adhesive liners are great to help keep the fridge clean. The best part? When they get dirty, remove and toss in the wash to clean. And because they have a slight cushion to them, they help keep produce from bruising.

DII Kitchen Millennium Washable, Non Adhesive Refrigerator Bins and Shelf Liners (Pack of 6), $12.99

14. Multipurpose Cleaner

One cleaner that can be used on multiple surfaces makes cleaning so much easier.


Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner, $10.80

15. Automatic Vacuum

Why not have a vacuum that does all of the work for you? That’s sure to make your life easier, especially if you hate to clean.


Pure Clean Automatic Vacuum, $89.99

Cleaning may not be fun, but it is necessary, so might as well make it as least painful as possible. These items will do just that.