9 Products For Pinterest-Loving DIYers

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You know you’re a Pinterest-crazed crafter if you have a close personal relationship with your hot glue gun. We get you.

You pin your way through kid crafts, teacher gifts and potluck potato salad. No cupcake design is too intense and there is never enough glitter or time — but that doesn’t stop you.


Craft harder and bake bolder with these nine products that could inspire your next great DIY Pinterest project.

1. Hobby Holster

This is a hot glue lover’s dream come true. Keep your work area clean and organized — and stop your burning hot glue gun from slipping off the table with this heat-resistant double holster. Pick up a Hobby Holster for just $18.

hobby holster

2. Trinket Organizer

Half the battle with crafts is keeping all the itty-bitty pieces organized. Use this handy organizer to keep beads, brads and other bobbles from getting lost.


DIY Organizer

3. Pinterest Casserole Dish

Where did you get this amazing recipe? Pinterest!  Be loud and proud of your Pinterest obsession, and give potluck goers a little chuckle as they dig into the last of your mac n’ cheese casserole.

Pinterest Casserole

Pinterest Casserole Dish, $29

4. Liquid Chalk Markers

If you love Pinterest you probably have a chalkboard, or chalkboard labels, or chalkboard paint somewhere in your house.  Get more intricate with your designs and labeling with these chalk markers – easier and cleaner too.

Chalk Marker

Chalk Markers, $20

5. Essential Glitter Set

When in doubt, just add glitter.  This kit will let you glitter in every color of the rainbow and then some.

Glitter Set

Essential Glitter Set, $15

6. Personalized Rolling Pin

At the next bake sale, no one will have to wonder “who made these delicious cookies?”  They’ll know because you branded your goods with this unique personalized rolling pin.


Personalized Rolling Pin

Personalized Rolling Pin, $23

7. Magnetic Wrist Cuff

Ideal for DIY projects, the MagnoGrip acts as a third hand to hold anything from small tools to nails to safety pins.


MagnoGrip, $8

8. Adhesive Tape Gun

Elevate your paper craft game with this gun by Scotch.  I am telling you, it will change everything – scrap-booking, framing, card-making and even wrapping presents.


scotch tape gun

Scotch Adhesive Tap Gun, $46

9. Made With Love Stamp

Leave your mark on all your homemade goods and goodies with this personalize stamp.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.15.40 AM

Made With Love Stamp, $32