14 Products Made Specifically For The Instagram Addict In Your Life

Instagram is a relatively new smartphone phenomenon that is quickly taking over. Within the app, there are so many different types of profiles – from fitness to food to style blogs, you can follow almost any type of person or topic and get daily inspiration from them.

With all of Instagram’s perks, it’s no wonder that people are obsessing over it. Keeping up with their likes, deciding between filters and taking artsy photos is any Instagram-addict’s reality.

These gifts are perfect for those Insta-lovers in your life, relating back to taking and displaying photos. If you do choose to get these gifts for your friends, be prepared to have them taking lots and lots of photos of you.

1. Smartphone Photo Printer

This photo printer can instantly print out photos directly from your smartphone onto a vintage polaroid.

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Smartphone Instant Photo Lab, $24.00

2. ‘This Is Happening’ Photo Book

This book is filled with over 200 Instagram photos of everything from a cup of coffee to a new pair of shoes. Its pages are guaranteed to inspire your next Insta post.51zF6jkPRgL


This Is Happening: #Life Through The Lens Of Instagram, $5.99

3. Smartphone Fisheye Lens

Give your photos am artsy new angle with this attachable fisheye lens that fits right over your smartphone’s camera.


KingMas Universal Clip-On Fish Eye Lens, $5.30

4. 58-Count Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth props such as a paper mustache or glasses can be a fun addition to your Insta photos. Use them when you’re at a special occasion or just hanging out around the house.


58-Pcs Colorful Props on a Stick, $3.76

5. Camera Lens Thermos

This 12-oz thermos will inspire you to get out there and take pictures or just about anything. Holds hot or cold beverages.


Mango Spot Camera Lens Thermos, $9.99

6. Photo Backdrop Paper

If you’ve ever struggled with wanting the perfect picture but not having that ideal background, you’re in luck. This 4×12 backdrop paper comes in several patterns and guarantees an easy assemble/clean-up.


Ella Bella Photography Backdrop Paper, $12.24

7. Instagram Photo Collage

This customizable collage is the perfect way for you to display all of your latest Instagram photos all on one big picture.


Instagram Photo Collage, $55.00

8. Instagram Coffee Mug

If you’re a fan of Instagram and coffee, this may just be the perfect gift for you. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.


Instagram Easy Mug, $14.99

9. ‘Did It For The Insta’ Shirt

Whether it’s the food shot or a jumping picture on the beach, everybody has that picture that they took solely to post on Instagram. Own up to it with this witty tee.


I Did It For The Insta Tee, $38

10. Instagram Pillow Cover

Customize this pillow cover with all of your favorite Instagram pictures and you’ll have all your favorite memories with you before you go to sleep.


Decorpillows Instagram Modern Pillow Cover, $13

11. Mr. Selfie – A Parody Book

This parody book of the classic Little Miss book series is for the person in your life who absolutely loves taking selfies.


Mr. Selfie – A Parody, $6.99

12. Instagram Photo Coasters, Set of 4

Customize the coasters at your house with your latest Instagram photos. This set of 4 is made-to-order on stone with a cardboard backing.


Coastergrams, Set of 4 – $25

13. Instagram Baby Onesie

This is the perfect gift for that person who is always posting photos of their baby. (We all know somebody who does it!)


Instagram Star Baby One Piece, $22

14. Selfie Stick

There’s a good chance that the Instagram lover in your life already has one of these, but if they don’t, it’s the perfect gift for optimal photo-taking.


U-Shape Selfie Stick, $11.99

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