14 Products That Were Made Specifically For Forgetful People

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We all have that one friend, spouse, or family member that’s forgetful. Maybe that person is you. I certainly forget things all the time – nobody’s perfect, right? These 11 products were made for those that often let things slip their mind.

Do you know someone that could use one of these?

1. Imagelock

I’ve always been bad with numbers, so using this type of combination-lock this is definitely up my alley.


Imagelock, $2.50

2. Birdie Wall Hooks

Metal items will stick to their cute little bodies and these little birdies will hold an important message in their beaks. Cute and practical, without a lot of bling.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.52.05 PM

Umbra Birdie Wall Hook, Set of 3, $16.99

3. Personalized Door Mat Checklist

This is brilliant. This Esty shop will hand make a rug to help you remember what you forget most.



Create Your Own “Reminder List” Doormat, $50-60

4. So Your Furniture Doesn’t Get Ruined

Cleverly remind forgetful friends that you have nice things…and they shouldn’t but their beverage directly on the polished wood that you painstakingly cleaned 5 minutes before their arrival.


Stache Ceramic Coaster Set, $12.00

5. A Bluetooth sensor that alerts you when you lose your keys or phone

Tile, $69.95

6. A Button That’s Completely Honest

If I meet you at an event, in a bar, or on the street, it’s guaranteed I won’t remember your name in 5, 4, 3, 2…and what’s your name again? Available as a button or fridge magnet.


Can’t Remember Your Name Pin, $2.99 

Can’t Remember Your Name Magnet, $3.99 

7. Key Holder & Hook

I’m buying this one for myself because it’s so clever. The doorknob is for your bag or purse, and the key that goes into the lock is a cute accessory on your key ring. Classically simple and functional, just my style.


Doorman Key Holder & Hook By Ototo, $16.90

8. Secret Cash Of Stash

If you’ve ever left the house and thought “Shoot, I have no cash,” this keychain is for you. Store a backup stash on your keychain. Perfect if you forget to fill your tank when running to the gym, pick up the kids, or are out to dinner with friends.


True Utility TU241B-P CashStash Waterproof Emergency Cash Capsule, $8.95

9. Because We All Have That One Friend…

Does this one really need an explanation? I didn’t think so.


Custom Funny T-Shirt, $14.99

10. When You Need To Give A Subtle Hint

A nifty little decal for one of life’s most important lessons.


Put Me Down – Toilet Seat Lid Decal, $4.00

11. Bluetooth Key Ring

Compatible with Apple devices (sorry Android), this elegant key ring has bluetooth tracking embedded within. So when you lose your keys (or purse, ferret, whatever), simply activate the app and the little wooden beacon will beep. If you lose your phone, tap the alert button on the device and it’ll help you find your phone.

A single charge will last 2-4 weeks. Now if only you could remember to charge it…thankfully, they thought of that too. The key ring will beep when the battery runs low and it needs to re-juice.

Uncommon Goods

Bluetooth Tracking Tag, $40.00

12. So You Don’t Kill Your Plants

Never over or under-water your in-house plants or herb garden ever again. Simply fill the bottom compartment and the plant will suck up the amount of water it needs to stay healthy. Comes with a plant stake and sticks for the five most popular herbs.


Self Watering Wall Planter Urn, $18.99

13. A single card that stores all your credit / debit and gift cards


Coin, $84.99

14. Stop forgetting where you put all those lip balms

Chap Grip, $7.20