16 Products That Will Make Parents’ Lives Easier As Their Kids Grow Up

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Sleepless nights and picky eaters are just some of the hassles of being a parent. The job is tough and we could all use some extra help, so thankfully these products can make life with kids a little easier.

1. Baby Shusher Sound Machine

This machine uses a rhythmic “shushing” sound to soothe even the fussiest baby. Unlike other sound machines, it is portable and battery-powered.


The Baby Shusher, $31.99

2. Baby Bottle Holder Stop Drop

Keep baby’s things from falling on the floor with this nifty strap. Loop one side around the stroller and attach the other side to a bottle, sippy cup or toy.


Heaven’s Bliss Baby Bottle Holder Stop Drop, $11.71

3. Car Seat Sun Shade

The sun shade helps to keep your child’s car seat an average of 26 degrees cooler than the rest of the car interior and easily wraps up between uses.


Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade, $7.29

4. Stroller Organizer

This organizer easily fits on stroller handle bars and keeps drinks and essentials within reach.


Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer, $22.97

5. Glowing Nightlight

Parents and kids will enjoy these light-up balls that can change colors, are cool to the touch and will glow for 30 minutes once removed from the base. Your child can carry one to the bathroom at night without turning on every light all the way there.


Boon Glo Nightlight, $54.99

6. Shampoo Rinse Cup

This clever rinse cup keeps soap and water out of little eyes during bath time.

Shampoo Rinse Cup

KidzKamp Shampoo Rinse Cup, $12.99

7. Time-Out Timer Stool

Time-out is not so bad with this fun stool. The large hourglass is filled with white sand and is timed at about five minutes.


Time-Out Timer Stool, $119.00

8. Device Tracker

If your child has a favorite toy that goes everywhere with you and the thought of losing it gives you nightmares, then this tracker will help you rest easier. Attach the quarter-sized device to any item and you can track it through the companion app on your phone. It can also locate a lost smartphone, even if it is set to silent.


TrackR Sticker, $21.79

9. LCD Writing Tablet

The Boogie Board is a liquid crystal display writing tablet that erases doodles and hand-writing practice with the touch of a button. Parents love that it keeps kids busy without a mess or an internet connection.


Boogie Board Original 8.5” LCD eWriter, $27.50

10. Reusable Sandwich Bags

Packing lunches in disposable plastic sandwich bags can get expensive and wasteful. Reusable sandwich bags are a healthy solution to keep some change in your pocket and some plastic out of the environment.


Lunchskins 3-pack Reusable Sandwich Bags, $23.76

11. Kid-Safe Phone Watch

The Filip wearable phone watch is a kid-sized, bright-colored watch that allows families and kids to stay connected with pre-set contacts and one-way text messages. Parents can monitor a child’s location and set up predefined safe zones. The device also features an emergency button for an extra measure of security.


Filip, $149.99

12. Dinner Tray Board Game

Motivate picky eaters with a dinner tray that turns mealtime into a game. The “Finish Line” features a covered compartment to hide a dessert.


Dinner Winner Kids’ Dinner Tray, $18.27

13. Toy Clean Up Set

Make tidying up fun and easy! This may save your feet from stepping on Legos or tiny doll shoes.


Toy Dozer Toy Clean Up Set, $17.99

14. No-Pedal Riding Toy

No peddling skills are needed for endless fun with this ride-on toy that both kids and parents can enjoy. Whether indoors and outdoors, just turn the steering wheel back and forth to go.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.50.37 AM
Learning Express

PlasmaCar, $49.99

15. Backseat Car Organizer

This organizer keeps your vehicle tidy with enough pockets and pouches to hold all your kids’ stuff.


Backseat Entertainment Car Organizer, $30.90

16. Indoor S’mores Maker

Making s’mores is something every family should do together and it’s so much easier with this indoor s’mores maker that uses electric heat rather than flames.


Kalorik Fun S’mores Maker, $56.51