Professor Allows Student To Bring Dog To Class Before Hurricane

"She's obviously a good girl."

College student Jessica Lewis had a problem: She decided she should leave the Georgia Southern University campus prior to Hurricane Irma and take shelter at her family’s home near Atlanta. She also wanted to take her dog, Luna, home with her but had one more class to attend before leaving town.

While she didn’t feel hopeful about the answer, Lewis decided to reach out to her professor by email to see if he would consider allowing Luna to join them in class for the day. She took a screen shot of her message to her professor and posted it to Facebook:

“I realize the answer to this probably no, but I thought you might actually be a cool enough professor to say yes, and so I figured it was worth a shot,” she wrote.

“Can I bring my dog to class today?” she asked in the email. “It would help me out SO much because your class is my last class of the day and I have to leave as soon as your class gets out to try and get home to Atlanta as soon as possible.”

To Lewis’ surprise and delight, her professor was totally accommodating. Lewis also posted her professor’s awesome response to Facebook:

Her professor, Dr. Joshua Kennedy, teasingly questioned whether Lewis thought calling him “cool” would get him to cave, but then flipped the script by declaring in all caps, “SHE’S OBVIOUSLY A GOOD GIRL SO OF COURSE YOU CAN BRING HER.”

Coolest professor ever? People on Facebook agreed that Dr. Kennedy was awesome for being so understanding.

“Best professor EVER!” one commenter declared.

“LOL. Now that is cool,” agreed another.

Lewis also shared a snap of Luna chilling during class:

Adorable! Props to this professor for honoring his student’s request — and to Luna for being such a good girl!