This Professor Makes Students Dance If They’re Late To Class

He's got some moves!

Showing up late to class can definitely get you on your teacher’s bad side. In my own school days, I was somewhat notorious for being tardy. Try as I might, being punctual is just not something that comes naturally to me. I count myself lucky because for the most part, most of my teachers were understanding.

However, one college professor at Keiser University in Tampa, Florida, has come up with a unique punishment to discourage students from being late to class: Late students must dance in front of the entire class.

A student named Brandon Goderich was captured on video busting some moves after he was tardy for a lesson. Luckily for us, his classmate filmed his dance and shared it on Twitter:

While a lot of people would probably be absolutely mortified to have to dance by themselves in front of the entire class, Goderich really gave it his all! The song he is dancing to is called “Stick It And Roll It” by DJ Chipman:

People on Twitter were super-impressed with Goderich’s moves, and the video has now been re-tweeted nearly 170,000 times. Goderich chimed in himself to thank his fans for their appreciation of his dancing:

Someone asked Goderich about the story behind his epic dance, and he was more than happy to oblige:

“The story was too good. Last week I found my old iPod full of high school jams!! That’s where all my 305 inventory is stored and I even brought a Bose Bluetooth speaker so I can play it since I was late,” he wrote.

Although the professor does not grade students’ performances, if they opt out of dancing, their participation score will be lowered. In an interview with WHDH news, Goderich said other punishments for being late include bringing food for the class to telling a “good joke.”

While his dance was intended as a punishment, since Goderich has gone viral, he is now angling for an invitation to “The Ellen Show.” Well, we know that Ellen DeGeneres loves dancing!

I wonder if other students may show up late on purpose in hopes that their own dance will earn them 15 minutes of fame. Either way, it’s pretty funny. What do you think of this unique policy?