This Woman Created A Gorgeous Prom Dress Out Of Trash Bags

Usually “trash” is not a word you want associated at all with fashion. However, one incredible woman just proved that a dress made out of trash bags can look absolutely amazing. If you find this hard to believe, YouTuber Amber Scholl is here to prove it to you!

The 24-year-old was able to transform a plain bodysuit and tulle skirt into a gown worthy of being worn to prom. She used black trash bags to make rosettes and E6000 glue. Put that all together and in a Cinderella-like moment, you’ll create something that looks like this:

Impressive, to say the least!

In addition to posting the finished look on Instagram and Twitter, Scholl also posted a video tutorial to show anyone how to recreate the look. So far the video has been viewed nearly one million times because no one knew trash bags could be made to look this good:

People are so amazed by her DIY trash bag transformation that they are taking to Twitter to show just how much they love this look (and now, trash bags!):

Scholl, who has over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, has made a name for herself doing clever DIY videos, like her “DIY Thrift Store Prom Dress Makeover” and “How To Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive.”

While Scholl wasn’t necessarily expecting her prom dress video to get as much attention as it did, she told Teen Vogue that the response has been “AMAZING.” She went on, “I feel so loved and am amazed by the Internet — how many people you can reach is amazing.”

She said she hopes her trash bag DIY encourages everyone to have fun with their prom style and reminded them that their look doesn’t have to be expensive.

“Have fun, and don’t take it too seriously — the whole point is to have a great night and feel beautiful, whatever that means to you,” she said.

Fancy a dress out of trash bags, anyone? Don’t mind if we do!