Proof That TCU Quarterback, Trevone Boykin, Has A Heart Of Gold

In a recent game between Texas Christian University and rival, Iowa State, something very genuine and sweet happened. After the coin toss, TCU’s quarterback, Trevone Boykin, approached young Iowa State fan, Abby Faber, and bent down to speak to her.

Star-Telegram photographer, Paul Moseley, is the one that captured this photo and shared the encounter beautifully in a Facebook post:

“So I hustle out to mid-field for the TCU Iowa State coin toss. The TCU captains are there plus a special guest of Iowa State, a little girl in a wheelchair. They toss the coin, all the players come over to see the girl, but one player, TCU QB [Trevone] Boykin, took the time to kneel down and I hear him say ‘What’s your name?’ I was incredibly touched. Who but a true champion does that just minutes before a big game?”

Even as a Heisman candidate, I’m touched to see how humble Boykin has stayed. I took special interest in this story because my younger sister, Courtney, attended (and played athletics) at TCU. It’s refreshing to hear when good things happen and I now have a little more pride in the Horned Frogs and her decision to attend such a great school.

According to my sister (who had occasional interactions with Boykin) he is a good egg. Courtney states, “I have never seen him turn down a fan for a picture or autograph. Even on campus, he’ll stop and say hi and talk to other students.”

This kid clearly has a good head on his shoulders, and feet firmly planted to the ground. It’s leaves no doubt that good role models and a virtuous coach can lift even great athletes to new heights.

He is truly living by Aesop, in, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Kudos Boykin – you’ve got my vote.

Watch the video of the conversation, captured by the Star-Telegram here:

[h/t: WFAA]