These $11 Gloves Make Slicing and Dicing Much Safer For Your Hands

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There are few things worse in life than excitedly preparing an epic meal, cooking up a storm in the kitchen . . . only to injure yourself in the process. Trying to quickly slice and dice your ingredients can lead to a slip of the knife — and then a trip to the emergency room.

Not only does it swiftly become a painful ordeal, but your wonderful dinner is ruined, too.


If you’re prone to such accidents in the kitchen, you’ll want to check out this product. Aptly named NoCry, these cut-resistant gloves offer food-grade, durable protection from knife injuries for merely $11. They are four times stronger than leather, machine-washable and 100-percent food-safe.

You can use them for cutting, slicing, peeling and grating in the kitchen or even for things like wood-carving and carpentry. Basically, if there’s a chance you might cut yourself, don’t risk it — just put on the gloves.


Of course, while the gloves are cut-resistant, they’re not cut-proof, so you’ll still want to use caution with all that chopping and hacking.


Most of the purchasers of these gloves on Amazon seem to like them, with the vast majority of over 11,000 reviews being five stars. Many customers agree that they fit well and are easy to wear, not to mention that they protect your fingers. The few negative reviewers say they still managed to cut themselves while using the gloves or that the gloves wore out and developed holes. You can take a look at all the reviews here.

Have you ever suffered a culinary injury?