5 Protein-Packed Dinners That Don’t Involve Chicken

Chicken is easy to cook and pairs well with just about everything, so it makes it a go-to as far as dinners are concerned. But, if you’re looking for a protein-packed dinner, there are plenty of other options that don’t involve chicken at all.

It’s nice to switch up your dinner entrees, especially so you don’t get in a rut. It’ll make eating healthy and dieting much less mundane, and therefore, easier to maintain in the long run.

Check out five recipes you can mix up for a protein-packed dinner tonight!

1. Fish Tacos

Whole wheat tortillas, fish fillet and cabbage makes for a delicious twist on taco night (that won’t ruin your diet). Get the recipe.

Mitch Mandel/Prevention

2. Spinach & Tomato Frittata

Eggs and veggies combine in a savory, filling dish that the entire family will enjoy. Get the recipe.

Mitch Mandel/Prevention

3. Baked Avocado & Eggs

This recipe is so simple and tasty that it definitely won’t be a burden to prepare after a long day at work. It’s much better than opting for take-out! Get the recipe.


4. Shrimp Over Spaghetti Squash

Boil some shrimp and instead of pairing it with spaghetti, go for spaghetti squash, instead. It’s much healthier but just as tasty. Get the recipe.


5. Black Bean, Couscous and Corn Salad

This is like a healthy take on a burrito bowl, and it’ll become your new favorite dish to pair with that skinny margarita. Get the recipe.

Hurry The Food Up

Go on and put that chicken in the freezer because you won’t be needing it this week! You’ve got some healthy, chicken-free dinners to prepare. Now, who’s hungry?!

[h/t: Prevention]