Get More Privacy And Shade In Your Yard With These Fast-Growing Trees

If you have a backyard or patio, you may need some privacy from neighbors or shade from the hot sun.

Well, if you’re looking to get shade and/or privacy as quickly as possible, consider planting one of these fast-growing trees. Then hopefully by this time next year, your yard will be much more tolerable in the heat or provide much needed privacy.

Be mindful of where you plant these, so as not to disrupt other root systems, septic lines or anything of the sort.

That said, let’s get ready to plant! More shade is headed your way.

1. Green Vase Zelkova

This tree grows 60-70 feet high and will surely provide you will all of the shade you could ever need. According to This Old House, the bright green leaves turn a bronzy maroon in the fall, so there’s a real payoff to planting these trees even once summer has passed.

Rob Cardilo/This Old House

2. Chinese Tallow Tree

While pretty, you’re going to want to avoid using this tree to shade a patio or deck, according to Better Homes & Gardens because the berries from this tree will drop. They recommend placing this in the corner of your yard to provide shade and privacy screening from a bit farther away.


3. Empress Tree

With its big palm-like leaves, this is perfect for supplying a tropical look and feel to your landscape. Making your yard feel like even more of a vacation!


4. Tulip Tree

This big tree is bright green in the summer and full of flowers in the spring. What better thing to add to your home’s appearance?


5. Leyland Cypress

These are great because they can be grown individually or grouped together to for a hedge that provides full screening. You decide how you’d like to use them.


[h/t: Better Homes & Gardens]