This Is How Psychopaths Take Their Coffee—According To Science

If you’re serious about your coffee drinking, there’s probably a certain way you like to prepare each cup, and you drink it that way day in, day out. Well, apparently, whether you prefer to top off your drink with cream or opt ti drink it plain says a lot about your personality, according to science.

A 2016 study conducted at the University of Innsbruck in Austria revealed black coffee drinkers are more likely to show tendencies of psychopathy than those who prefer their java sugary sweet. (We always knew there was something a little off about those black coffee drinkers!)


Here’s more on the study:

Coffee Preference And Personality

Two studies were conducted, and each investigated how taste preferences might be associated with antisocial personality traits. In both studies, the results were the same. The findings demonstrated a strong link between the preference for bitter-tasting foods (black coffee, celery, radishes and tonic water) and heightened sadistic traits.

In other words, if you really like bitter foods, that could mean you also enjoy the feeling of seeing others in pain. Scary stuff. (Excuse us while we go add another spoonful of sugar to our coffee.)

coffee photo
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Of course, that doesn’t mean you should cut all ties with anyone who enjoys black coffee. Because bitter foods certainly aren’t all bad.

Benefits Of Bitter Foods

According to the Huffington Post, bitter foods (i.e., chocolate, coffee, beer, broccoli) can actually have the opposite effect on blood sugar that sweet food and drinks have. Meaning, instead of causing blood sugar levels to spike then dip, they can help moderate the levels.

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So maybe those black coffee drinkers are just being healthy and not embracing their inner dark side, after all. Obviously, this study only looked at a correlation, but it doesn’t mean all black coffee drinkers are psychopaths.

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The researchers also point out that understanding why someone enjoys certain types of food is very complex. It has biological ties and could have to do with past experiences as well.

But the study definitely does a good job of showing that there is some type of correlation between taste preference and personality—and that could come in handy on your next first date.


If your date orders a cup of black coffee after dinner, you may want to find your own way home!


The Link Between The Smell Of Coffee And Old Books

In a separate study, researchers asked participants to describe what old books smell like. The curious result? A significant number of people find that old books smell like coffee and chocolate.

stack of books photo
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So why is this important? Well, smell is often described as the sense most closely linked to memory, and this can be crucial for preserving smells for future generations.

“Our sense of smell is very close to the memory center in the human brain, and therefore we very often associate memories with certain smells very powerfully and very strongly,” chemist Matija Strlič told Popular Science. “Very often smell triggers old memories that we otherwise couldn’t trigger. It is one of the reasons smell plays such an important role in how we experience heritage.”


This finding kind of makes you want to run out and sniff an old book, doesn’t it?