Yes, Pumpkin Spice Chicken Wings Are A Thing Now

Do you feel like pumpkin spice has taken over the world? We have come a long way from pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin-scented candles. It’s a brand-new era where everything from cough drops to Oreos to makeup are flavored with pumpkin spice. And now we can add chicken wings to the list.

No, really! Buffalo Wild Wings just unveiled a new wing topping: BBQ pumpkin ale sauce. The chain restaurant described it as “ale mixes with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for a taste of the season.”

So, how are people reacting to this news? Well, some are questioning whether we are taking the pumpkin craze too far:

Others are pumped about the new menu addition:

For those who were curious enough to try the new pumpkin sauce wings, reviews were positive. So maybe Buffalo Wild Wings’ boldness is paying off. But if you want to try these wings, you’d better move fast: The BBQ pumpkin ale sauce is available for a limited time only.

Other fast food and fast casual chains have committed to the pumpkin spice craze, too. Back in August, Burger King joked on Twitter that it was thinking about creating a Pumpkin Spice Whopper. While that never came to fruition (thank goodness!), eateries like Olive Garden, Panera Bread, Dairy Queen, Cracker Barrel, Krispy Kreme and Einstein Bros. Bagels have all added pumpkin-themed goods to their menus this fall.

In fact, pumpkin spice is a huge business. The consumption of pumpkin spice has increased steadily in America, with Forbes estimating in 2105 that the pumpkin spice industry is worth around $500 million.

What do you think? Would you try Buffalo Wild Wings’ new pumpkin ale wings? Or are we taking our embrace of all-things-pumpkin too far?

[H/t Bustle]