A litter of puppies was born in a field during the California wildfires—and they all survived

In the wake of the California wildfires that have ravaged much of the state, incredible stories of survival have been a bright spot during an otherwise tragic time. And here’s another one of those touching stories that will melt your heart.

The night the fires began, six puppies were born in a field in Santa Rosa. Their mother was a stray, and a nearby resident, Linda Hamik, had been keeping an eye on the pregnant pup. Although Hamik had tried to lure the dog to safety, she was not successful. When the fire hit, she knew the expectant mom was still out there.

Hamik was forced to evacuate her home, and when she was finally able to return to the field to check on the dog, she found that the pup had given birth to a litter of six adorable puppies—and, miraculously, they had all survived the fire. She took them back to her home, where she plans to foster them until space opens at Monte Rio’s Dogma Animal Rescue.

“They are a ray of light in all this darkness,” Hamik told SFGate.

In the above Facebook post, the shelter let everyone know that the puppies, who are known as the “Fire Litter,” are safe and sound and doing well.

“Tonight this family is warm and safe. Mama came out of her crate to nurse her puppies. They’re all nestled in a big bed and all pups are suckling fine,” they wrote.

If you would like to be the one to give these sweet pups their forever home, you might need to wait a while. The organization also noted: “We are not accepting applications for the puppies from our Fire Litter that were born during the first night of the fire, rescued and evacuated from the fire zone. Emotions are high right now and we need to make sure everyone is thinking with a clear head before adopting a puppy.”

So, it seems the sweet puppies will be staying put for a bit. However, in the meantime, you can donate to help support Dogma Animal Rescue.

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