Puppies Rescued After Mom Shelters Them In A Hole During Storm

Storms can be devastating to humans, but we tend to forget the effect they can have on animals, especially ones that don’t have homes. When a storm hit Detroit, one mama dog had to find a way to protect her puppies. As the heavy rain hit, she hid them in a muddy hole in the ground—in what looks like a drainage pipe of some sort—to keep them safe from the storm.

Rescuers from the Michigan Humane Society were alerted about these puppies, and feared if they puppies stayed in the hole, they might drown from the downpour. So they rushed to the location and began the rescue. One by one, the puppies were pulled from the hole, despite the large amounts of water and mud. Although they were understandably scared, they began to calm down once the rescuers brought them to safety.

Although 11 of the puppies were saved, unfortunately their mother could not be found. However, there’s still hope, as rescuers set up traps in the hope of finding their mama dog and reuniting them.

In the meantime, these puppies are safe and sound thanks to the Michigan Humane Society rescuers who braved the rain and mud to keep these animals cared for and dry.

Check out the brave rescue of these cute little guys in the video below: