This puppy appears to have big, expressive eyebrows—and it’s completely adorable

Everyone knows “puppy dog eyes” are heart-meltingly cute, but have you ever swooned at a puppy dog’s eyebrows? This English bulldog has just stepped up the cute-puppy game with her sweet face and expressive “eyebrows.”

Madame Eyebrows was born with two spots above her eyes that make it seem as though she has eyebrows. The funniest part is that these giant eyebrows make her appear sort of sad. Instead of Grumpy Cat, she looks more like Dejected Dog.

See what we mean?

As Madame Eyebrows’ owner told The Dodo, “[She’s] always looked sad and had eyebrows.”

But despite the downtrodden expression, the dog actually has an upbeat personality. “She is very happy,” the owner said. “She wiggles her tail, gives kisses.”

You can see the happier side to this pooch when you scroll through her Instagram page — which has over 52,000 followers, by the way.

See? It’s not all doom and gloom.

But most of the time, this dog will have you wondering, “Why the long face?”

Aww, just look at her!

This is the perfect face to see for an early morning wake up call:

Dogs may not actually have eyebrows in the way that humans do. However, according to Canidae Pet Food’s blog, they can still communicate with the ridge above their eyes where perceived eyebrows would be:

“Some breeds — German Shepherds and Rottweilers for instance — do have markings above their eye where we perceive eyebrows should be. But dogs don’t have actual eyebrows; instead, they have a ridge above their eyes that can be manipulated in much the same way we use our eyebrows to express certain emotions.”

So, Madame Eyebrows could use her big, beautiful brow to communicate her emotions if she wanted to, but maybe she’s more into letting us figure out her mood. Don’t let the “sad brow” fool you!