Dog is reunited with a toy from his puppy years and his joyful reaction goes viral

Dog lovers will agree: These animals are smarter than you think. This video proves it, too. This dachshund was reunited with a toy from his puppy days, and it seems pretty clear that he still remembers it, despite the years that have passed. Ahh, nostalgia.

YouTube user KyleJasonLowell posted a video of his dog, Finn, being given a toy pig that looked exactly like the one he played with when he was young. He accidentally destroyed the one he used to play with, and the owners were forced to upgrade to different types of toys. According to the video’s description, it had been five years since he’d seen anything like it at the time the video was filmed.

“Finn reunites with his favorite toy after nearly 5 years. When he was just a few months old he had a toy pig but destroyed it. He went through a few pigs before we upgraded to more durable toys,” KyleJasonLowell wrote on YouTube.

But it becomes pretty apparent that Finn hasn’t forgotten about this little piggy.

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When he’s given the pig, he starts to make a cooing sound and, according to his owners, he hasn’t made that sound for nearly five years a.k.a. the last time he played with his favorite toy.

And here’s the part where you start making sounds, because it’s hard not to let out an audible “Awww” when you see this pup in action.

Since it was posted in Jan. of 2017, the video has gotten over one million views on YouTube because, clearly, folks can’t get enough of watching cute doggies online. Commenters are sounding off, writing things like, “Is it possible this dog is feeling…nostalgia?” It would certainly seem that way!

People also don’t seem to mind the fact that this video went viral, and I’d have to say I agree. “Now this is the kind of thing I want on trending more often,” one YouTube user wrote.

Bring on the adorable puppy footage, please!