You Can Take ‘puppy Yoga’ Classes With Dogs Training To Be Service Animals

If you’ve taken a yoga class before, chances are that you’ve done the downward dog pose. But how about doing downward dog with actual dogs? It’s called puppy yoga and it’s the newest, cutest exercise class you’ll want to try. (That is, of course, if your goat yoga class is all booked up.)

The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley started Doggo-Yoga, in which shelter dogs join their human friends in a beginner to intermediate level yoga class. The one-hour class costs $30, which goes toward the organization’s education program. All the puppies are adoptable, of course! It seems pretty popular, because classes are full for several upcoming dates.

What a cute idea — no wonder everyone is doing it! In Forest Grove, Oregon, a class called PuppYoga also offers yoga with dogs. The yogi puppies in their classes come from Pieces of the Universe Dog Training’s program, which breeds and raises medical alert and service dogs. The class is open to all ages and abilities and costs $35.

Check out these adorable pups in action:

If the yoga itself doesn’t get you into a zen state of mind, cuddling with a furry puppy is sure to do the trick! Although the idea of getting your stretch on while pups romp around may seem distracting, it’s also a totally unique way to brighten your day and change up your exercise regimen.

Earlier this month, JABS, a gym in Cutchogue, New York, held a puppy yoga class as a fundraiser for North Fork Animal Welfare League. Three puppies wandered the studio while the class was in session.

“Anything that engages the community on a more spiritual level that the shelter can facilitate, we’re all about,” Denise LeBeau, manager of development at North Fork Animal Welfare League told The Suffolk Times. “We feel like these puppies were really ready to be in this type of environment because we’ve had so many great volunteers and visitors come and play with them and really socialize them.”

If you’re not a dog person, the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center of Dallas offers yoga with not just dogs, but bunnies and goats, too.

What do you think? Would you try yoga with animals?