The Denali National Park Sled Dog Puppycam Is Your New Obsession

If you like puppies (who doesn’t?), you need to brace yourself. That’s because you’re about to be hit with a serious cute overload, courtesy of the Denali National Park Husky Puppycam.

Yes, the live sled dog webcam offers a real-time glimpse of the Alaskan park’s adorable husky puppies in action. These particular pooches are more than just adorable eye candy, however. The pups are being trained to become canine rangers for the park.

Sled dogs are the main form of transportation for park rangers and officials to get around the park’s nearly six million acres throughout the winter.

Here’s an adorable shot of the puppies with their mom, Clove:

National Park Service

This year’s litter on the sled dog puppycam was born in August and includes Lugnut, Story, Tracker, Topo, Steward, Nepa (the acronym for the National Environmental Policy Act), and Cop.

Name suggestions were gathered from park employees, and we have to say — they pretty much nailed it!

If you’re curious about the extensive training program the pups go through, check out the park’s “Puppy Paws” video series, which answers frequently asked questions such as why they breed their puppies instead of adopting them, what makes a “perfect” puppy to become a canine park ranger and more.

You can also keep up with the dogs through the organization’s Kennels blog as well as through their Facebook page. Check out episode 5 of “Puppy Paws,” in which you see the pups in action during their walks, runs and playtime.

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If that’s still not enough and you’re interested in meeting the sled dogs in person, you can visit the kennels, which are open year-round to visitors, generally from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The entrance fee to the park is usually $10, but there are three more free days left in 2017.

And if you really like what you see? You can even adopt one of the dogs once they have put in nine years on the job.

[H/t Conde Nast Traveler]