This Man Came Up A Brilliant Trick For Cutting His Dog’s Nails

Anyone with a dog can relate to this!

Dog owners can attest to the fact that their furry friends aren’t always the best about getting a bath or getting their nails trimmed.

To get around this common problem, one man came up with a brilliant hack for cutting his dog’s nails. Patrick Peifer took a regular old purse and cut some holes in it to act as a harness that his pup, Oliver, could hang from while he trimmed his nails.

The result was something that’s both functional and kind of hilarious.

“I knew that I would need something that would limit his mobility without being physically restrained by another human,” Peifer told The Dodo of his innovation.

Peifer was able to snag the purse itself for $8 at Goodwill. He did his handiwork with his wife’s sewing equipment and an X-Acto knife. Getting Oliver into the contraption sounds like it was easier than you might imagine.

“I realized it would be easier to get him in the purse if I cut it down each side so that it could lay flat on the floor. I just stood him up on top of the flat, opened up the purse with his feet in the holes, and then grabbed the handles and lifted him up,” Peifer told the publication.

It looks like he used a pull-up bar to hold the homemade harness above the ground.

And Peifer said the contraption has yielded great results. Oliver was apparently happy to hang out in his harness as he got his nails trimmed.

What a genius idea! People on Twitter were pretty impressed by the nifty hack as well. Since Peifer’s daughter, Kendal, tweeted the photos of her dad’s creation on Feb. 10, the post has been liked more than 340,000 times and retweeted by more than 86,000 users.

dogs nails photo
Getty Images | Gareth Cattermole

My dog is so averse to any type of grooming that I wouldn’t dare attempt to do it myself. I leave that to the professionals, and even that’s a battle as she starts to try and run away as soon as we turn on the block where the groomer is located!

How does your pup react when it’s time for a nail trim?