Good News

Why Queen Elizabeth Honored An Alabama Man With Her ‘Queen Award’

You never know who might take notice of your good deeds!

Mowing the lawn is something most people don’t think about all that much. For many homeowners, it’s just another chore that needs doing—whether they do it themselves or outsource it to a service or a neighborhood kid.

But a lot of people don’t have the physical ability, time or money to get that particular job done. That’s where Rodney Smith Jr. comes in. The Alabama man is the creator of Raising Men Lawn Care Services, an organization that enlists local youth to provide free lawn services to those in need, such as the elderly, disabled, veterans and single moms. In addition to providing a free service, his organization also gives youth the opportunity to be of service to others.

“My mission is to encourage kids to get out there and give back to their community,” Smith told ABC News. “I tell people all the time, if they are able, they can make a difference, and my way of making a difference is with a lawnmower.”

Smith estimates that his group has mowed over 1,000 lawns. The chapter in Huntsville, Alabama, where Smith resides, has 60 kids participating, and there are another six chapters across the state. Smith hopes to one day have a chapter in all 50 states.

And people have taken notice of Smith’s good work, perhaps most notably Queen Elizabeth II, who bestowed upon him the Queen’s Award and Badge of Honor. Smith accepted the award at a ceremony in his native Bermuda, which is a British Overseas Territory.

“It makes me feel good to see that the Queen has recognized everything we’ve done so far,” Smith told WHNT. “God works in mysterious ways. He shows you what He wants to be done. And He’s told me He wants me to do all of this, so I’m just listening to Him.”

We’re so glad this extraordinary man has been recognized for his service!