Does The Queen Of England Really Drink 4 Cocktails A Day?

You’d think if you’re royalty all of your meals wold be lavish and gourmet. Not so, at least when it comes to the Queen of England.

According to a report by Business Insider, Queen Elizabeth II dines on totally normal staples such as cereal and fruit, grilled chicken, salad and chocolate. Royals—they’re just like us!

Don’t worry though, her daily food and drink regime does include some indulgences that are fit for a queen. The most shocking tidbit might be that she reportedly has up to four cocktails a day! She paces herself by spreading her drinks out throughout the day, so it’s unlikely the Queen is getting tipsy on a daily basis.

Before lunch, she sips on a gin and Dubonnet. (Hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere!) Then she pairs her lunch, which usually consists of fish and vegetables, with a glass of wine.

gin and dubonnet photo
Flickr | Chris Pople

After afternoon tea with a slice of pie or biscuit cake, the Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes, says Her Royal Majesty will have a dry Martini before her evening meal. After dinner, the Queen ends her day with a glass of champagne. How regal!

queen of engla photo
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While she may throw caution to the wind when it comes to her drinking habits, she exercises more restraint when it comes to her food. For example, she has a “no starch” rule when she’s dining alone. She eschews potatoes, rice and pasta in favor of a protein paired with vegetables and salad.

Former palace chef Darren McGrady tells the Telegraph, “Sadly, the Queen is not a foodie. She eats to live, unlike Prince Philip who love to eat  and would stand and talk food all day.”

Clearly, foodie or not, the Queen’s approach is working for her; she turned 91 this year. And it should be noted that wine and champagne don’t technically count as cocktails, so to say that she sips on four alcoholic beverages would be more accurate.

queen elizabeth food photo
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In fact, the Queen’s beloved pups have a more impressive menu. A man named Owen Hodgson worked at the palace in the 1990s and recalls that his process for feeding the Queen’s Corgis included simmering rabbit and cooking down some chicken, which he would then finely chopped and mix with the cooking juices before serving.

Those are some seriously pampered pups!