Quick, Plan A Trip! Airfare Is Expected To Drop Significantly This Fall

The summertime travel madness is beginning to subside. (That doesn’t mean you won’t get stuck in some three-hour TSA nightmare, but with school starting, airports and planes won’t be as packed.)

With the demand slowing, projections from Hopper, an airfare prediction app, show that prices on domestic roundtrip flights are expected to drop 8.2 percent this fall thanks to historically low fuel prices.

Hopper is predicting an “autumn low of $213 in October.” That’s a dollar higher than the same period a year ago, but 16 percent less than average airfare two falls ago.

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A drop in fuel costs is seen to be the prime factor in the lowering of airfare costs. Hey, we’ll take it.

This report from earlier this year supports the correlation between low fuel prices and airfare:

Hopper offers some terrific insight into predicted airfare costs, like this interactive Consumer Airfare Index Map, which shows you historic rates and predicted rates when flying into each state:


The declining cost trend is expected to continue through the upcoming winter, which is good news for soon-to-be-harried Christmas travelers. Expect the bottom to hit $210 per ticket in January:



See you in the friendly skies! (Or in the TSA line.)

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