15 Quick Tricks To Make Your Dog’s Life Significantly Better

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Dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs also have pretty great lives. From taking walks, to eating treats and wagging their tales, a dog’s life seems to be the one to beat.

We’ve seen many life hack videos and posts for us humans, but what about some genius life hacks for our furry canines? Well look no further, because this video via Youtube user, Ariel Hamilton, shares 15 life hacks for dogs that we’re going to break down for you.

Use these in your day-to-day routine and your pup will definitely appreciate it.

1. 1:36 – Keep A Lint-Roller In Your Car

When your dog sheds its hair all over your clothes and you need a quick clean-up, having a lint-roller in your car will be the easiest way to instantly look more polished.

2. 1:48 – Keep A Carabiner On Your Dog’s Leash

Just in case you’re out with your pup somewhere and a situation arises in which you need to chain him or her to a tree or pilar for a couple minutes, the carabiner will be an instant solution.

3. 1:55 – A Quick, Yummy Snack: Flavored Ice Pops

For when you want to switch up the treats you give your dog without an expensive solution, this YouTube user suggests apple and chicken broth ice pops.

  1. Cut up apples into small slices and put into an ice cube tray.
  2. Pour chicken broth on top of the apple slices.
  3. Put ice tray into your freezer until frozen.
  4. Serve!

4. 2:08 – A Toy With Both A Loop and Ball Will Allow for Multi-Tasking

If you’re busy working but your pup wants to play, having a toy with a loop on one side and a ball on the other is the perfect multi-tasking solution.

Just put the loop around your foot and your dog can play with the ball while you still get to work. It’s a win-win.

5. 2:19 – Remove Dog Hair From Your Couch and Carpet

To remove dog hair from your couch, wet a rubber glove and run it against your cushions.

To remove dog hair from your carpet, run a window squeegee across the floor to make it come right up.

6. 2:35 – Apply Your Dog’s Shampoo With A Water Bottle

Get a water bottle with a pop-up nozzle and fill a quarter of it with your dog’s shampoo. Fill the remaining 3/4 with water, and shake the bottle.

The nozzle will make it easier to apply the shampoo to your dog’s fur, and since you’re only using a quarter of the shampoo, it’ll last longer.

7. 2:51 – Quench Thirst With A Portable Water Dispenser

When you’re taking your dog on a long walk during a hot day, water bottles such as The Gulpy will come in handy. It has a nozzle for you to carry the water and sip on, as well as an attached water bowl for you to pour water out for your dog.

8. 3:04 – Study Up On Dog Safety

If your dog chokes on something or any other safety issues arise, having studied up on what to do in dangerous situations beforehand could be potentially life-saving.

9. 3:18 – Clean Up Your Dog’s Breath With Parsley

If your dog has bad breath, sprinkle some parsley into his or her food to freshen it up.

10. 3:24 – Protect Your Dog From Salt On Sidewalks With Vaseline

If you live in a place that has snowy winters, apply some Vaseline on your dog’s paws before a walk to protect them from the salt chemicals put down on the sidewalks during that time of year.

11. 3:33 – Calm Your Dog During A Thunderstorm With A Dryer Sheet

If your dog gets scared during thunderstorms, calm him or her down by rubbing their fur with a dryer sheet. The cause of their scared emotions often have to do with the static electricity in the air, so doing this should help to calm your pup down.

12. 3:42 – Store Your Dog Food in An Airtight Container

This will give you easier access to your dog food, will make it more difficult for your dog to get into and keep it fresher.

13. 3:50 – Use A Basket To Keep Your Dog’s Items Organized

If you have a lot of things in your house, keeping a basket specifically for dog items such as their leash or treats will help you become more organized.

14. 3:58 – Use A Chart To Track Feeding Your Dog

If you sometimes can’t remember whether you’ve fed your dog or not, make a chart on a dry-erase board and hang it on the wall by their food bowl. Mark an ‘X’ for when you feed your dog to keep track of how much he or she has eaten per day.

15. 4:08 – Find Most Or All Of The Items For These Hacks At The Dollar Store

From the dry erase board chart to the lint roller, most of these items can be found in any dollar store, meaning you can improve your dog’s life without breaking the bank.