This Quiff Toupee May Be The Coolest Balding Fix Out There

Dealing with hair loss is no fun. Of course, there are options out there, but which one is going to work? Should you try a shampoo that claims to thicken your mane over time? What about hair plugs?

The gentlemen over at Quiff & Co have found a solution to it all. We’re all familiar with the super trendy “quiff,” right? You know, like, Justin Bieber hair.

justin bieber photo
Getty Images | D Dipasupil

OK, yeah, glad I got your attention. The key to pulling this look off is to keep your hair short on the sides while the middle section is longer and flowing, if you will.

Well, for those balding in the center of their heads or dealing with a receding hairline, this would be the perfect look, except for, of course, the lack of longer strands in the center. This is where the Quiff hairpiece comes in. Watch the video below to see the hairpiece in action.

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A couple from Surrey, England invented a hairpiece that will instantly give you the coolest style. All you need is a little glue to secure it in place and then you can feel free to style it however you please. You can even swim and shower with the tresses in place. How amazing is that?

If you pay a visit to the Quiff & Co website, you’ll begin to figure out how this all works. You can order your toupee online or schedule a consultation first. Once you’ve ordered, you’ll be contacted to talk about what color strands you need along with other customization aspects. These hairpieces don’t come cheap, however. The company’s standard toupee starts at £1200 (about $1460).

According to the website’s FAQ page, this is different from a wig in that you don’t have to take it off and leave it on a hatstand overnight. Once it’s secured you can wear it for six weeks at a time, and one piece will last for 4-6 months before another is needed.

If this is piquing your interest, you need to pay the Quiff & Co site a visit. Because when it comes to hair loss solutions, it just doesn’t get more hip than this.