A Very Fancy Way To Apply Liquid Liner Is Coming In 2017

Storybook Cosmetics is here to make your wildest makeup dreams come true. The brand who brought you “Harry Potter”-inspired wand brushes now have a new Hogwarts-approved item on the way.

The company’s coming out with liquid liner, but this version is far from average. The eye liner is housed in a glass pot, and the applicator? None other than a feather and quill.


That’s right, you’re about to throw it way back and get majorly old-school with your winged liner application. And this quill and ink set will really help you leave your mark on your customized beauty look. Chances are you’ll feel fancier just putting it on this way.


According to Storybook Cosmetics’ social media post, the product won’t be out until 2017. But that doesn’t mean that people haven’t already started freaking out about it.

Beauty-lovers are always looking for a new way to add glam to their vanity. With the thought of having this quill and ink liner duo on display, honestly who could blame them?

Liquid eyeliner’s popularity continues to stay strong, especially as the types of eyeliner we apply gets more and more creative (candy cane eyeliner anyone? or how about this unicorn liner trend?).

This isn’t all that Storybook has in store for 2017, either. They’re creating products that you’re going to want to get your hands on as soon as possible. They show off some of their plans for the New Year on their website. Expect to see storybook-inspired palettes, more brushes and yep, you guessed it, this incredibly fancy liquid liner and feather quill duo. So, really, can it be 2017 already?

[h/t: Refinery29]