Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Athletes?

If you consider yourself a sports fan, you probably know the names and defining statistics of countless athletes across a variety of sports. But can you recognize professional athletes when they are out of uniform?

When it comes to recognizing someone, context matters. If you’ve ever unexpectedly run into a coworker outside the office and needed a minute to place her, you know this to be true. Of course she’s Jane from accounting, you just didn’t recognize her immediately outside her cubicle!

There are plenty of contextual clues that help you recognize your favorite athletes when you watch them in action — from team colors to jersey numbers. Catch that same athlete in street clothes on the sidewalk or dolled up and walking a red carpet, and it’s a different story. Your brain will take longer to recognize them in this unfamiliar setting.

We’ve collected photographs of famous athletes from a variety of sports out of their usual uniform. Take this quiz to test your skills. Think you can recognize your favorite athletes anywhere and no matter their age or their outfit? See how well you can match names with faces, and find out how much of a sports fan you really are!

[sm_quiz image=”185192″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Addison Russell” choice2=”Alex Rodriguez” choice3=”Mariano Rivera” choice4=”Derek Jeter” response=”This is former New York Yankee Derek Jeter.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185421″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Anna Kournikova” choice2=”Lindsey Vonn” choice3=”Maria Sharapova” choice4=”Caroline Wozniacki” response=”This is tennis star Maria Sharapova.” correct=”3″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185204″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Ryan Fitzpatrick” choice2=”Aaron Rodgers” choice3=”Tim Tebow” choice4=”Brett Favre” response=”This is former Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185253″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Mirai Nagasu” choice2=”Chloe Kim” choice3=”Michelle Wie” choice4=”Simone Biles” response=”This is figure skater Mirai Nagasu.” correct=”1″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”128332″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Venus Williams” choice2=”Serena Williams” choice3=”Gabby Douglas” choice4=”Simone Biles” response=”This is gymnast Simone Biles.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185445″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Lindsey Vonn” choice2=”Mikaela Shiffrin” choice3=”Kerri Walsh Jennings” choice4=”Morgan Beck” response=”This is skier Mikaela Shiffrin.” correct=”2″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185236″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Kobe Bryant” choice2=”Donovan McNabb” choice3=”Ricky Williams” choice4=”Mike Williams” response=”This is former NFL player Ricky Williams.” correct=”3″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”128491″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Minka Kelly” choice2=”Danica Patrick” choice3=”Aly Raisman” choice4=”McKayla Maroney” response=”This is gymnast Aly Raisman.” correct=”3″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185214″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Floyd Mayweather” choice2=”Mike Tyson” choice3=”Cam Newton” choice4=”Michael Strahan” response=”This is boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.” correct=”1″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185225″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Kerri Walsh Jennings” choice2=”Dara Torres” choice3=”Chris Evert” choice4=”Tonya Harding” response=”This is former figure skater Tonya Harding.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185240″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Ernie Banks” choice2=”Hank Aaron” choice3=”Carl Lewis” choice4=”Pelé” response=”This is Brazilian soccer star Pelé.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185473″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Sheryl Swoopes” choice2=”Lisa Leslie” choice3=”Jackie Joyner-Kersee” choice4=”Candace Parker” response=”This is track and field star Jackie Joyner-Kersee.” correct=”3″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185475″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”David Ortiz” choice2=”Edgar Sosa” choice3=”Santiago Casilla” choice4=”Sammy Sosa” response=”This is former baseball star Sammy Sosa.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185476″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Alexi Lalas” choice2=”Shaun White” choice3=”Brian Scalabrine” choice4=”Bill Walton” response=”This is former soccer star Alexi Lalas.” correct=”1″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185284″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Ronda Rousey” choice2=”Lindsey Vonn” choice3=”Mikeala Shiffrin” choice4=”Danica Patrick” response=”This is MMA and WWE star Ronda Rousey.” correct=”1″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185418″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Chris Evert” choice2=”Martina Navratilova” choice3=”Annika Sorenstam” choice4=”Bonnie Blair” response=”This is retired tennis ace Chris Evert.” correct=”1″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185274″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Rafael Nadal” choice2=”Kaka” choice3=”Lionel Messi” choice4=”Roger Federer” response=”This is Brazilian soccer star Kaka.” correct=”2″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185478″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Ronda Rousey” choice2=”Danica Patrick” choice3=”Aly Raisman” choice4=”Nikki Bella” response=”This is WWE star Nikki Bella.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185280″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Kareem Abdul-Jabar” choice2=”Hakeem Olajuwon” choice3=”Bo Jackson” choice4=”Karl Malone” response=”This is former NBA star Hakeen Olajuwon.” correct=”2″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185267″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Arnold Palmer” choice2=”Vince Lombardi” choice3=”Phil Mickelson” choice4=”Mario Andretti” response=”This is race car driver Mario Andretti.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185262″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Gabby Douglas” choice2=”Simone Biles” choice3=”Gabby Reece” choice4=”Katelyn Ohashi” response=”This is gymnast Gabby Douglas.” correct=”1″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185377″ question=”Who is this? ” choice1=”Kerry Walsh” choice2=”Abby Wambach” choice3=”Lindsey Vonn” choice4=”Mikaela Shiffrin” response=”This is retired soccer star Abby Wambach.” correct=”2″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185383″ question=”Who is this? ” choice1=”Jeff Gordon” choice2=”Quentin Tarantino” choice3=”Rafael Nadal” choice4=”Roger Federer” response=”This is tennis star Roger Federer.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185396″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Yao Ming” choice2=”Ichiro Suzuki” choice3=”Yi Jianlin” choice4=”Jeremy Lin” response=”This is NBA point guard Jeremy Lin.” correct=”4″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185409″ question=”Who is this?” choice1=”Conor McGregor” choice2=”Chris Andersen” choice3=”David Beckham” choice4=”Roger Clemens” response=”This is former NBA player Chris (Birdman) Andersen.” correct=”2″ /]

[sm_quiz image=”185406″ question=”Who is this? ” choice1=”Dale Earnhardt Jr.” choice2=”Alan Faneca” choice3=”Shaun White” choice4=”Matt Birk” response=”This is former NFL offensive lineman Alan Faneca, who dropped more than 100 pounds after retiring from the NFL.” correct=”2″ /]