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Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Athletes?

Can you recognize these pro athletes when they're not in uniform?

If you consider yourself a sports fan, you probably know the names and defining statistics of countless athletes across a variety of sports. But can you recognize professional athletes when they are out of uniform?

When it comes to recognizing someone, context matters. If you’ve ever unexpectedly run into a coworker outside the office and needed a minute to place her, you know this to be true. Of course she’s Jane from accounting, you just didn’t recognize her immediately outside her cubicle!

There are plenty of contextual clues that help you recognize your favorite athletes when you watch them in action — from team colors to jersey numbers. Catch that same athlete in street clothes on the sidewalk or dolled up and walking a red carpet, and it’s a different story. Your brain will take longer to recognize them in this unfamiliar setting.

We’ve collected photographs of famous athletes from a variety of sports out of their usual uniform. Take this quiz to test your skills. Think you can recognize your favorite athletes anywhere and no matter their age or their outfit? See how well you can match names with faces, and find out how much of a sports fan you really are!